Alton Model Railway Group


The Group and its members have numerous layouts, both under construction and available for exhibitions.

Group Layouts

Layouts that are either being built by the Group currently, or those that are complete and available for exhibitions.


Based on the GWR Tucker Street station in the city of Wells in the heart of Somerset this was the first layout of Alton Model Railway Group. The layout was constructed in the mid to late 1980s and is currently being refurbished by the Group.


Southolt is described as a ’small’ layout based somewhere in West London. This would have originally been built by the LNWR (London & North Western Railway), but these yards were taken over by the GWR and LMS.


The Alton layout is based on Alton station as it appears in the present day, enabling the display a wide variety of stock, including standard mainline passenger trains, and the more unusual locos seen on The Mid-Hants preserved railway.

Pine Bluffs & Red Dot Mine

Pine Bluffs & Red Dot Mine is a DCC controlled large ‘HO’ American round and round layout, combining ‘Pine Bluffs Depot’, ‘Pine Bluffs Freight Yard’, and new module ‘Red Dot Mine’.

Pine Bluffs Freight Yard

Pine Bluffs Freight Yard is one element of a modular layout. Modelled in HO scale (3.5mm to 1ft), the ‘Freight Yard ‘ layout is designed to combine continuous ‘train watching’, including ‘passing loop’ operations, with the variety of small freight yard switching.

Pine Bluffs Depot

Begun in 1994, the Pine Bluffs & Ceda Falls Railroad was created by the American Section of the Alton Model Railway Group. The layout has been converted to DCC operation, and is available for exhibitions as part of Pine Bluffs & Red Dot Mine.

Members Layouts

Exhibitions layouts that have been built by Group members, and are available for exhibitions.

Hayling Island

The first exhibition layout built by group member, Richard Pretious, this ‘00′ layout is of Hayling Island station, and is frequently recognised by members of the public as so.

Silver Creek

The On30 Silver Creek represents a fictitious logging camp in 1930s Colorado, centred on a locomotive maintenance and repair facility, operated by the equally fictitious Campbell Lumber Company.

Greenfield Valley

This is a freelance layout of an American narrow gauge railroad in On30. You will see locomotives and stock from the Colorado and Southern and Denver, Rio Grande and Western.