Alton Model Railway Group

Glyn Valley Tramway

The layout is a compressed model of Glynceiriog station, (the passenger terminal) on the quarry line between an interchange wharf on the Shropshire union canal, or G.W.R. exchange sidings at Chirk, North Wales, and numerous granite quarries 9 miles away. The line opened in 1873 and closed in 1935.

The layout is 7ft long by 2ft 6in deep, with Peco 009 track laid straight onto the baseboards. The hills are made from Polystyrene blocks covered in grass mat.

The buildings constructed from card and Plasticard.

The Trees are a mix of handmade, Hornby and Bachmann Professional.

The locomotives are Peco, white metal kit, Glyn Valley tram loco bodies on Farrish Chassis’ , Fourdees 3D printed Glyn Valley Tramway Bodies on Kato Tram chassis’ and Gem Baldwin bodies on various ‘N’ gauge chassis’s.

The wagons and coaches are mainly Parkside Dundas kits, Peco, read to run, Glyn Valley Coaches or scratch built on ‘n’ gauge chassis’s. Power is provided by Gaugemaster – transformers and capacitor units, and Kent panel controllers (K.P.C.) – fine control, exhibition quality, handheld, feedback controllers. (two separate systems fitted, one in use, the other as backup).