Alton Model Railway Group

North Ealing

North Ealing was built as a Fifty something layout for the fiftieth anniversary of The Three Millimetre Society challenge. 

As a branch off West Ealing station, North Ealing was never to reach its full potential in status or expected traffic. The main traffic in the later years were the local coal merchant Hood and Son, J. Read Engineering factory, and local commuters.

In 1972 the miners coal strike forced a “three day working week” through power cuts due to the shortage of coal for the power stations. With a short working week, unreliable electric supplies, and cut in deliveries, forced the closure of many businesses which included Hood’s and Read’s.  At the same time due to overcrowding, and shortage of housing, people were moving out of London to the new overspill towns such as Andover, and Basingstoke for a better standard of life, all this led to the branch closing leaving only buses and the London Underground tube station to serve the area.

The layout is set in happier times of 1969 with the “First Man Landing on the Moon” and businesses doing well.

The layout is 50″ (1270mm) long by 14″(370mm) wide, Using modified plastic kits, artist card and brick paper over plywood, the background scenes are from the peco range as is the track which is the HOm 12mm gauge.

If you have any questions about the layout or 3mm please ask.