Alton Model Railway Group

Solent Summit

Solent Summit is a modular American N scale layout by members of the Gosport American Model Railroad Group.  It was started in 2010 and is made up of some key modules that are club owned, and others built and owned by members.  New modules are still being produced by members.

The modules can be put together in many combinations depending on available space. In it’s full form, Solent Summit has about 170ft (4 scale miles) of scenic track, plus another 30ft of 6 track storage. Today we are displaying about a third of the scenic sections.

We’ve chosen to model mainly single track with passing loops as this is most interesting to operate. In it’s full form, along the line we have  stations, industrial sidings, passing loops, coal mine, power station, tunnel, steel viaduct, trestle bridges, chemical plant, sawmill and various bits of countryside.

To see more of the layout at our next exhibition in Gosport, please visit our website: