Alton Model Railway Group

Preserved Bus Service for FebEx2019

Due to the weather conditions, the vintage bus service did not run on Saturday. It is however running on Sunday.

The preserved bus service provided by the ADORR society will again be running a service between the exhibition, Alton Station, Alton Model Centre, and Alton Town Centre during the exhibition. The timetable is below.

Please note that the bus service is weather and conditions dependent, and may be withdrawn at short notice.

Sunday 3 February 2019
Weather permitting
Due to scheduled engineering works trains may arrive/depart at different times. All arriving trains will be met.
Alton Model Shop Depart 1028 1128 1228              
Alton Swan Hotel Depart 1030 1130 1230              
Alton Station Depart 1035 1135 1235              
Model Railway Show Arrive 1038 1138 1238              
Model Railway Show Depart   1220 1300 1400 1500 1600        
Alton Station Depart   xxx 1306 1406 1506 1602        
Alton Model Shop Depart   1226 1309 1409 1509 1604        
Alton Swan Hotel Arrive   xxx 1315 1415 1515 1606