Alton Model Railway Group



Teignford is a British Railways (Western Region) layout located in South Devon.  

Modelled in 3mm Scale with a gauge of 12mm it is my second layout to what I feel is the premier Scale.

Teignford is an area producing clay and has industires associated with this production.. A weekly livestock market is held nearby thus bringing traffic to the station.

The layout has 9mm ply topped baseboards framed with 2×1 softwood, the legs are attached.

The trackwork is all Peco Hom with the pointwork operated by wire in tube with polarity changing switches.

The buildings are a mixture of kit built (the Station Building) and scratch built- mainly from artist mounting card covered with a selection of brick/stone paper and plastic contoured sheet.

The rolling stock is all from kits- no RTR is available. Locos are a mix of white metal and brass etch bodies with etched chassis mostly driven by Mashima Motors and Branchlines 40:1 gearboxes. Coaches are plastic kits from the 3mm Society and etched brass from Worsley Works and Brynkits. Most of the wagons on show are from the 3mm Society range with some etched brass from Finney and Smith.

Modified Worsley Works etched couplings are actuated by magnets.