Alton Model Railway Group

Preserved Bus Service for FebEx2020

The preserved bus service provided by the ADORR society will again be running a service between the exhibition, Alton Station, Alton Model Centre, and Alton Town Centre during the exhibition. The timetable is below.

The bus to be used is 488KOT, a Dennis Loline 111 with accomodation for  two wheelchair users.

Please note that the bus service is weather and conditions dependent, and may be withdrawn at short notice.

Saturday 1 February 2020
Alton Model ShopDepart10081038110811381238
Alton Swan HotelDepart10101040111011401240
Alton StationDepart10151045111511451245
Model Railway ShowArrive10181048111811481248
Model Railway ShowDepart132414241457152415571624
Alton StationDepart133014301511153016111630
Alton Model ShopArrive1333143315331533
Alton Swan HotelArrive13351435xxx1535xxx1635
Sunday 2 February 2020
Alton Model ShopDepart102811281228
Alton Swan HotelDepart103011301230
Alton StationDepart103511351235
Model Railway ShowArrive103811381238
Model Railway ShowDepart1300140015001600
Alton StationDepart1306140615061602
Alton Model ShopDepart1309140915091604
Alton Swan HotelArrive1315141515151606